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AFFTA Board election draws a crowd

This is really impressive. Twenty-eight people have thrown their fishing hats into the proverbial ring for the nine seats available on the American Fly Fishing Trade Associations board.

As a board member this is a really exciting time. After some of the kicking around that AFFTA has gotten, deserved or not, the fact that so many people wanted to be part of the solution is wonderful. With so many folks stepping up to not just be a member but be a part of the leadership of AFFTA shows that folks care about having a strong trade association.

If you are not a member of AFFTA you can’t vote so now might be a good time to join. AFFTA is changing and you should be a part of it.

You can find Membership benefits info here.

Join today!

The candidates are listed below with links to the information they sent in to AFFTA.

Eric Anderson, Owner – Bighorn River Fly Fisher

Larry Barrett, Director Operations and Technology – Farbank

Crispin Battles, Editor/Art Director – Fly Fish America

Andrew Bennett, President – Deneki Outdoors

John Bleh, Owner – Strategic Outdoor Marketing

Dustin Carlson, Owner – Fishwest

Bruce Chard, Owner & CEO – Captain Bruce Chard Fishing Charters

Riley Cotter, International Sales Manager – Umpqua Feather Merchants

Jerry Darkes, Owner – Angling Consulting Services, Inc

Charles Dohs, President & Co-Founder – Fishhound.com

Jon Fisher, Managing Member – Urban Angler

Katheryn Fox, National Program Director – Casting for Recovery

Mike Gawtry, Product Line Manager Fishing/Hunting – LL Bean

Ali Gentry, Owner & CEO – El Pescador Lodge

Scott Harkins, Owner – San Miguel Mnt. & River Products

Chris Hart, Owner – Sundown River Products, Inc.

David S. Heller, President & Co-Owner – Ross Reels USA/Ross Worldwide Outdoors

Jim Murphy, President – Hardy North America

Al Noraker, Designer, Senior Merchandise Manager – Wright McGill

David Olson, Managing Partner – The Fly Shop of Miami

Clint Packo, Owner – Freestone Aquatics

Pat Pendergast, Director of International Travel – The Fly Shop Inc.

John Pinto, Owner – B&C  Manufacturing & Import

Curt Schlesinger, President – Trout & Grouse

Kevin Sousa, CEO – March Brown Limited

Guy Tillotson, Owner – Grand Slam Group

Jeff Wieringa, Business Development Manager – Scientific Anglers

Dusty Wissmath, Director – Dusty Wissmath’s Fly Fish School/Guide Service

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