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AFFTA board election results

As board member of the American Fly Fishing Trade Association it is my pleasure to report on the results of the recent election. There were 28 applicants for nine board seats. Making it the most competitive election in AFFTA’s history.

AFFTA strives to be sure all segments of the fly-fishing industry are represented on the board. Our by-laws require two members from each industry category must be appointed to the board prior to filling at-large seats.

For this election, in order to maintain industry diversity, four of the nine available board positions needed to be filled first. Then the the five remaining seats could be filled.

Here is the breakdown of the election results:
Representatives (1 required)
Scott Harkins – San Miguel Mountain & River Products

Media/PR&MKT/Associations/Government/Educational (1 required)
Kate Fox – Casting for Recovery

Retailer (2 required)
Pat Pendergast – The Fly Shop, Inc.
Dustin Carlson – Fishwest

At Large Seats (5 required)
Jeff Wieringa – Scientific Anglers
David Heller – Ross Reels USA / Ross Worldwide Outdoors
Larry Barrett – Far Bank Enterprises
Riley Cotter – Umpqua Feather Merchants
Mike Gawtry – LL Bean

As the AFFTA announcement noted, “It is worth mentioning that more than 50% of AFFTA members participated in this year’s election. This is an incredible turnout for any election and a clear demonstration that the association is more active than ever as we reinvent the fly fishing trade during these challenging economic times.

We are excited about the future and look forward to kicking off the year with everyone at the new International Fly Tackle Dealer Show this coming month!”

To become an AFFTA member of you can download an application HERE or get more info HERE.

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