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AFFTA’s International Fly Tackle Dealer show

As a new AFFTA board member it has been entertaining to read posts (my favorite), comments, and email regarding the trade show and the association’s future. Now it is settled and the fly-fishing industry has it’s own show. Here are some important points about the process and decision.

The AFFTA board and staff had a lot of careful and thoughtful deliberations as we considered a new show among our options.  We looked at every option – including partnering with ASA, OR, Chuck, and other show producers that approached us in the past two weeks. The process took time, but it was worth it to be sure we had solid information for a final decision.

In the end the board firmly believes that an independent show is in the best interests of the fly-fishing industry. That decision is validated by the overwhelmingly positive response so far.

The hiring of an industry veteran like Randi Swisher makes the success we expect achievable. The proceeds from the International Fly Tackle Dealer show will be put to work for the industry. Retailers will now be directly involved in our decision making process on show decisions like dates, format, features and other elements.

Those of us with a passion for fly-fishing deserve our own show and our own association. Now is the time for folks to get involved and help make this show a success and AFFTA stronger.

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