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A blog by any other name…

MAHOGANY RIDGE – The fun folks at the Outdoor Blogger Network posed an interesting challenge. “So lets read about how you came up with your blog name.”

If you look at the list of blogs on the network there are some pretty interesting names for sure.

So here is my story of how Dispatches from the Middle River came to get its name.

A Navy PAO with visions of exotic places

My days as a Naval Reserve officer had something to do with it. My exposure to correspondents gave rise to a fantsy of becoming a ink-stained-wretch filing dispatches from some front line hot-spot. Didn’t happen but that is another story.

But the training and the itch to chronicle my adventures stuck. It sort of evolved (devolved) along a more Hunter S. Thompson path. Think The Rum Diary meets Trout Bum.

Mahogany Ridge becomes Middle River

I saw my dateline as MAHOGANY RIDGE. Where is Mahogany Ridge you ask? It is your favorite new found dive bar or watering hole. I had a notebook of Dispatches from Mahogany Ridge. A chronicle of observation from behind a beer or a whiskey. Never saw the light of day…

When I moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and started writing an outdoor column for the News Virginian (Waynesboro) I realized I had some pretty good blog fodder. Since I lived on the Middle River the evolution was complete.

This has prompted me to now dateline my posts from the road (including this one) with MAHOGANY RIDGE from now on.

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