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Mountain Journal Writer Liam Diekmann Says His Father’s Greatest Gift Was Sewing Their Eternal Connection, With Flyrods In Hand, To Stretches Of Wild Land And Water


Serving the best we could

“I just served as best I could.”

This video is a powerful reminder that there are many among us who still deserve the recognition.

Caught my eye – 2014 week 50

Here are some things that recently caught my eye (in no particular order.) 

  1. Clarity from Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer > I wanted to share something that happened to me.
  2. John Fall talked about the therapy of fly fishing > I am now a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits of fly fishing
  3. An interesting way to make a cooking fire pit > Tip from the Book: How to Dig a Dakota Fire Hole
  4. Another good friend joined the AFFTA board > Two New Board Members Join AFFTA Board of Directors
  5. What a sailor learned > A Sailor’s Perspective on the United States Army
  6. A soldier pays tribute to the men he left behind > Story Corps: 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon
  7. A wonderful tribute to a black lab named Duke > I Died Today.
  8. Congress finally did something good for public lands (but a price..) > Sportsmen Applaud Historic Move to Conserve America’s Finest Habitat
  9. Navy Beat Army for the 13th time in a row > How Many Times Does Navy Have to Win Before it’s Renamed the Navy-Army Game?
  10. Great political satire on the immigration debate > Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 220 Million Undocumented Whites

Thinking outside the box…

boxed porter copyConsider the cat.
Trapped in a box,
uncertain whether Schrodinger,
the only person who knows he is there,
is alive or dead.

h/t to Chris Stewart for sharing…
Cat modeling courtesy of Porter Sadler

When Art Imitates Life

Trust me you are gonna want to click on this one > Lefty says Tenkara is a fad.

A tip of the Stormy Kromer to Roderick Hawg Brown for getting the straight scoop and putting the Lefty “tenkantraversy” to rest!


Feel Inspired

Need a moment for your soul? Grab a cup of coffee or tea or whatever and spend a few minutes reading some of the wonderful quotes posted on the Outdoor Bloggers Network in response to: Outdoor Community Question ~ Favorite Outdoor Quote.

You will be glad you did.