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Chris Hunt shouldn’t have to kiss a Llama…

My good friend Chris Hunt who writes the very entertaining and informative Eat More Brook Trout has prostrated himself before the hat gods.

He read about my Waxed Cotton Cap like this one:

Waxed Cotton Stormy Kromer Cap

But what he really wants is a Hunter Green Original Wool Stormy Kromer Cap like this one:

Original Stormy Kromer Wool Cap

I feel for him…

they are pretty sweet brain toppers…

So I am taking up a collection of sorts for Mr. Hunt. So he no longer suffers from lid envy and keeps his creative noggin warm.

Drop a line to Stormy Kromer Mercantile and tell them you think Chris deserves a hat. Include this link – http://www.eatmorebrooktrout.com/2011/04/coveting-thy-lid.html – to his blog post so they know what the hell is going on.

It is the least we can do for the poor boy.


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  1. Hi Tom – Just came over from Chris’s blog. If that will work for Chris, I am happy to help. But, I want one too ………….

    P.S. We are both Idaho Falls guys!

  2. You actually OWN the original wool cap? Un-f’ing-believable. I’ve neve wanted to raid a closet more…

  3. The Wife says:

    Stop right there. Do NOT campaign to get Chris Hunt any more hats. He has too many hats as it is (which you already know.)
    If you would like to start a campaign to get Chris Hunt anything, it should be a 5 carat princess cut emerald in white gold. That’s what he really, really wants.

  4. Tom Sadler says:

    Hey Mel, sorry pal, you are on your own… J

  5. Tom Sadler says:

    Chris, and we wear the same size too. Who would have guessed…

  6. Tom Sadler says:

    Liza, funny, he didn’t mention the emerald thing…


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