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Conservation Funding and “It’s All About the Water, Stupid…”

Since striking up an on-line friendship that lead to a two part interview on their blog (click here and here to read them) Chi Wulff has become one of my daily must reads.

Mark has a excelllent post about a a recent conversation (or conservation as it is written in the post, in this case pretty much the same thing) with his mentor Ed.

Ed makes three important points about the state of economic affairs and ends with this:

“Both parties have shit on their hands when it comes to sins agains the environment and sheer economic stupidity. Folks bitching about how evil one party is over the other are falling prey to the useful idiot trap and miss the point entirely. We need to figure out how to do the right thing to protect key environmental treasures regardless of what party happens to be in power.”

Headwaters of Flat Creek

Click here and read Chi Wulff’s Three Things From Ed: It’s All About the Water, Stupid……

The entire post is worth the read. Ed has both common sense and economic standing on his side. Ed makes a very compelling case for the habitat equals opportunity equals economic activity equation and joins the growing chorus of voices saying those in outdoor recreation better pay more attention to what is going on.

Unfortunately our elected officials in the U.S. Senate don’t read Chi Wulff or know Ed. They decided to follow the lead of the U.S. House of Representative and take the budget axe to conservation funding in the Agricultural Appropriations bill last week.

Click here and read the details from Ducks Unlimited’s “Senate committee votes to cut funding for farm conservation programs”.


  1. Tom, appreciate the mention, and as always happens, my head was spinning after spending time in the presence of a great mind (Ed). Ed converses, I listen. Usually. We conserve now and then too.

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