Middle River Dispatches is a gumbo of posts about fly-fishing, conservation, politics and days afield.


Thank you for visiting this blog. What I write here is based on my ideas and opinions. I am responsible for them and happy to claim them as mine.

When I use something from other people I give them credit. If you use something of mine I expect the same from you.

Unauthorized use or copying of the material on this site without express and written permission from the author is prohibited. Excerpts may be used as long as credit and a link back to the original material at Dispatches from the Middle River is used.

Because I am a strong believer in personal responsibility I have included this claimr. It is different than a disclaimer which inherently seeks to avoid responsibility.

Disclosures of business relationships.

What is a claimr?
The idea for this claimr comes from Wedge at kilobox communiqué.

From kilobox communiqué:
“claim·r, noun
a statement of ownership, recognizing that one is responsible for what one says and that one cannot be responsible for what other people say or supply.
Opinions are expressed in the safe knowledge that everyone understands that opinions come from the author. Information from other people is shared with the understanding that everyone’s needs are different, and everyone’s experiences are different. Sharing is good; breaking copyrights is bad.
A mature way of saying ‘this is me; here are some ideas’.”