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Dealing with PETA

Ok so I am likely in the minority of my peer group.* I actually think PETA serves a purpose. They are the yeast that makes the bread of public discourse rise. Animal cruelty in any form is despicable and those who fight against it have my deep appreciation. A lot of what they care about I agree with.

No, I think their tactics and campaigns are whacky and damage the hell out of their credibility, but they take it the streets and are willing to do what they think they need to do to advance their cause. Good on them I say.

The PETA protest lunch special (Courtesy Ugly Bug Fly Shop)

Case in point. A couple of PETA people showed up in front of the Ugly Bug Fly Shop in Casper, Wyo. Yup, Casper. Wyoming. Pretty wild.

But the gang at Ugly Bug didn’t come out swinging. Nope, they joined in the fun and offered their own point of view.

Check out the photo album on the Ugly Bug’s Facebook page (click here). The Wonder Bar showed some great community spirit. Classic.

So when these folks show up at your local fly shop, don’t beat them, join them.


*I also may not be so alone in my view, Truchacabra posted a pretty compelling case for supporting PETA (click here).


  1. Hi Middle River,
    OK if I put you guys up on my blog as a link? Gotta say, I love discussions about PETA that go deep, why I wrote that post and why I enjoyed Tom Sadler’s. Too often things just stay on the silly surface. Love your blog.

  2. Tom Sadler says:

    truchacabra, please do, we would be honored to be linked to your blog. We have done the same for you!

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