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Going public…on facebook

One of the great things about social networking is how evolutionary it is. What I mean is it is constantly adapting, growing and for the most part improving.

So in this case my thinking has also evolved.

On Friday, I was listening to a podcast of hubspot tv (episode 32, a 5 star performance with a very funny start). They made a good case for making some of your facebook information public.

What convinced me was Mike Volpe’s point that much of that info is already public, so why not share it on facebook. In some respects he noted it was like LinkedIn.

He also reinforced the point that you can control how much of your profile is public. So for the basic info why not put it out there.

To connect this back to my fly-fishing analogy in an earlier post, I do want people to know I am a fly-fisher. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of fly-fishing. Same for being a conservation lobbyist.

If I want to fish in new places or learn new tips and tactics then I need to be plugged into the networks that provide that info.  That could be shops, clinics, shows or on the stream. Same again for conservation issues. I enjoy being part of those conversations.

I may not recognized on the street but i wear some of my fishing or conservation affliations on sleeve so to speak (my hat or shirt or tie…). Occasionally someone will note that and strike up a conversation.

Social networking is just that, networking in new social venues. You have to be seen in the network to get the most benefit from it.

So now my basic info is public on facebook. We just have to see what happens.

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