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Seems like only yesterday

When the good folks at the Outdoor Blogger Network posted their most recent photo prompt, Outdoor Photo Prompt ~ Favorite Outdoor Places…, asking, “Where is the one place you’d trade all your leftover Christmas candy canes to go visit for a day?” it was a no brainer.

Four and a half years ago I was standing on the banks of the Madison River at $3 Bridge in Montana enjoying one of the most special days of my life. It was the only time I was there and didn’t fish.  Would trade the Christmas candy and then some to go there any day.

The wedding party at $3 bridge


  1. I’d give up all my candy canes and then some to be at the 3 dollar bridge! The picture I posted on the OBN prompt was from my visit to the Madison in October. The fact you got married there is just….amazing. That is so cool and I’m glad you shared with us!

  2. Tom Sadler says:

    Thanks Rebecca!
    I suspected that might be the Madison in your photo..
    $3 is very special to us. It was why we chose the location.

    There are some interesting folks with ties to $3 in the picture. The fellow in the middle is Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone. The gent on the end is Alex Diekmann of the Trust For Public Land. Craig and Alex were tireless in their work to protect $3 and create fishing access. I worked with Alex at TPL and can claim some credit for helping with its protection.

    The fellow standing next me (if you haven’t guessed I am the one in the white hat) is my best man Jim Range, former chairman of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership who we sadly lost to cancer two years ago this month. Jim was as big a fan of the Madison as you and I are.

    Thanks for a great photo prompt and a chance to share a special place.

  3. This is an incredible picture…what a great place to get married…The Madison…And yes, I love Blue Ribbon! They are an awesome bunch in there! $3 Bridge was my first Madison experience two years ago… : )

  4. Tom Sadler says:

    Thanks! BRF has a large and well deserved fan club! $3 was the first place I fished the Madison as well. My dad took me there on our first trip out west. It was the first place my wife and son fished on the Madison as well. Kinda runs in the family. It was a perfect location to get married, even if I didn’t get to fish that day (others who shall remain nameless did…)

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