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Fly Board at L.L.Bean

Chuck Willey the Shooting – Fishing – Archery Program Supervisor for L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools has been putting together a compilation of flies mounted in a shadow box and displayed in the main room at the Fogg House in Maine as part of our Outdoor Discovery Schools heritage.

Chuck asked past instructors of the L.L.Bean Fly Fishing Schools for a fly that is either a favorite or one that speaks to our personality. This will be a great display and I was delighted to contribute a fly. Recently Chuck sent an update that included a photo and a listing of who has sent flies in so far.

“Good day Fly Fishing aficionados!

I have attached an updated photo of the fly board at the Fogg House.  It is truly a work in progress. If you read down through the list, you will see a who’s who of some of the best instructors from the L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Fly Fishing Schools.  This small project would not come together without all of you.  More importantly, thousands of fly fishers would not have launched or perfected their skills for the sport that eventually became a passion.  Thanks again!”

Name Year Fly
Bud Fackleman 1991 Platte River Spider
Chet Bubier 2005 Clouser Minnow PC
Chris Coffin 1990 Kennebec Special
Craig Uecker 1996 Intruder
Dan Dwinal 1997 DD-NFW-Bugger
Dana Dodge 1986 Quill Gordon
Dave Hagengruber 1990 Fur, Fish & Game
Dave Jacobson 2002 House & Lot – Sz 12
Gail Hulsey 2008 Drake
Harvey Wheeler 1984 Lefty’s Deceiver 2/0 Chartreuse & White
Jim Fawcett 1998 Ought-a-get-um
Joe Linscott 1999 Sunny Side Up
Joel Yuodsnukis 1991 Orange Stimulator
Kate Farnham 2006 Muddler Minnow
Lee Watson 1984 Red Quill
Macauley Lord 1986 1/2 Z-Man Elaztech 3x Split-Tail Trailer
Mike McCue 2007 Widgeon Smelt
Pat Jackson 1984 Sunrise Wulff
Paul Dalbeck 1992 Undertaker
Pete Brunner 2006 Ally’s Shrimp
Randy Libby 1992 Maple Sugar
Rob Crawford 1983 Second Chance
Rod McGarry 1990 Soft Hackle Wets
Sam Flick 1990 Steelhead Bugger
Selene Dumaine 2012 Lady Miller
Sim Savage 1988 Sim’s Seducer
Stan Foye 1988 Rusty Rat
Steve Chaisson 2008 Stimulator
Steve Pate 1993 Egg Sucking Leech
Sue Daignault 2005 Myopic SS Clouser
Tom Sadler 2003 Hi-Viz Parachute Adams
Van Blauvelt 1993 Cyclops Soft Hackle

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