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Things that Work: Fly Tying Tools from Montana Fly Co.

OK, so I am not much of a fly tyer. But I chipped in a comment on OBN and wound up winning some sweet tying tools from Montana Fly Company.

They sent me three spools of premium thread, a River Camo Hair Stacker, and a River Camo ceramic Bobbin. They also sent me some Scissor Forceps and a fly box that immediately got put into service.

the tools

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Well, I finally sat down at the vice to see how I liked them. Like I said I am not much of a fly tyer so some of the finer points the pro’s might notice are lost on me.

Thread to bobbin, no problemo. The thread I used was 8/0 sand for the base.

The bobbin is in brown trout camo and has two ceramic inserts. Nice touch since I tend to put a wee bit to much pressure on the thread when I tie the hair in…

Next up the large Hair Stacker dressed nicely in River Rock camo.

hair stacker

Now I suppose those more adept at hair stacking would not need something as sturdy as this tool. I am sure a few gentle taps are all the pro’s need.

Me on the other hand employ a more, how should we say, robust approach. Often accompanied by a “what the heck are you doing in there, I thought you tying flies not beating down the table…” from my lovely and talented wife.

In any event it held up nicely to my rough handling and seems no worse for wear. Stacked the hair like cordwood and neat as you please.

So with this marvelous tools in hand I managed to turn out a few flies.

the result!

Oh and the hat, well that was a gift from Mr. Ben Austin, MFC’s local rep and a southern gentleman of the first ran. Thanks Ben!

Oh and the shop vac’s for Rebecca, they are the next thing I tie, promise,  really, I will get to them any day now…

Disclosure: I received the tools from Montana Fly Co. free of charge to test and review because, as noted above, my number came up. Other then the stuff they sent me there was no compensation.

Total Blog Disclosure

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  1. They really do let anyone into the OBN, don’t they? 😉 Cool stuff – gotta love Montana Fly Company. Is that a sticker in your photo? I want one of those stickers.

  2. Tom Sadler says:

    Charter OBN member, the door was open and I snuck in… Yup, cool sticker huh? Hopefully if MFC is checking these comments they will send you one…

  3. I know…I left the door open and you both snuck in =)
    And I’m a fly fishergal. Which means I can wait patiently for those shop-vacs…..

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