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Glass is not dead!

To paraphrase my hero, the immortal Doc Holliday, my vanity knows no bounds….

Cameron Mortensen runs some fun contests over on The Fiberglass Manifesto. Because I am the proud owner of a T.F.M tee shirt I slung an entry into the pile for last month’s T. F. M. Spotting Photo Contest.

hard at work...

I thought Cameron’s write up was kinda clever. What do you think?

Oh by the way did I mention the prize was an awesome Scott F2 fiberglass rod.

Yeah that is a Scott hat I am wearing. I love the Scott Fly Rod Company folks and their rods outstanding. When I don’t fish tenkara, I fish a Scott.

Well the votes were tallied and guess what?!?

Looks like I have a shot at getting that F2!

Hey Cam you asked “How is that kitchen remodel coming along?”

Check it out!

the road to completion









Guess the time on the remodeling job had a special reward!


  1. WHOA Mr. Sadler…you didn’t win the Scott F2 yet! You are a monthly finalist for the end of the year poll, with eleven other finalists, to determine the overall winner.

    I wish I could give away an F2 a month away. Wouldn’t that be stellar?

    Congrats on the January win.

  2. I’ll admit I voted for your picture, but my T.F.M. sweatshirt should be coming this month and I plan on giving you a run for your money for that F2.


  3. Tom Sadler says:

    Opps…guess I was a little excited. Post is now corrected! Thanks Cam it is fun to be in the running!

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