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GoFISHn interview with NOAA big fish, Eric Schwaab

NOAA’s Eric Schwaab

Ned Desmond from GoFISHn.com has posted his three part interview with Eric Schwaab, NOAA’s assistant administrator for fisheries. I wrote about Eric when he was appointed and as you will see in Desmond’s interview Schwaab is a not only a thoughtful leader but a vocal champion of recreational fishing.

Desmond and Schwaab discuss many the pressing issues of concern to saltwater recreational anglers. It is a comprehensive look at the work NOAA is doing and what it means for recreational fishing.

Here is a list of the topics they discuss:

  • Fishery closures
  • Stock assessment data and budgets
  • Better management practices
  • Re-authorization of Magnuson-Stevens Act
  • Possible revisions to the act
  • Economic impact of closures
  • Why did NMFS fall behind in stock assessments?
  • More on budgets for stock assessments
  • Meeting with Senator Schumer and angler constituents in New York
  • NOAA enforcement review and the Inspector General’s Reports
  • Oceans Policy Taskforce
  • NOAA’s legacy

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