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Happy Birthday Liza

Readers of this blog and my good friend Chris Hunt’s blog Eat More Brook Trout know Chris’s wife Liza is a pretty awesome lady!

She is famous for telling Craig Mathews to “suck it“, getting tazer for fun and trying to convince the world that her husband didn’t really want a Stromy Kromer but would really rather have a “5 carat princess cut emerald.”

It is Liza’s birthday today so pop over to the Eat More Brook Trout blog and wish her a happy birthday in the comment section of her guest post “Best Day Ever?”

Because this is the closet thing she is going to get in the way of a emerald…

Happy Birthday Liza!




  1. Perfect! She didn’t get an emerald, but she did get a surprise party and, um, she just needs to ask for the other half of her gift. Ahem.

  2. Liza "It's My Birthday" Hunt says:

    Thanks guys. I realize it’s odd for a 40 year old woman to love her birthday this much…but I do. It’s just my favorite day of the year. Thanks for making it special.
    Now, let’s go fishing!

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