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Public Lands Make Business Sense

My friend Johnny LeCoq of Fishpond  likes to make ripples. He recently did an ad for the Small Business Majority and the message is one familar to readers of this blog.

 “As a company that offers outdoor products, it’s important to us that we use our business to spread the word on issues that revolve around the outdoors. We didn’t start the company this way, but it became who we are because of the big impact that protecting the outdoors has on the success of our business. ”

Give the ad 30 seconds of your time and see if you don’t agree.


Our national energy policy must recognize the value our public land have to small business and must include protection for public lands. In Colorado for example, this is confirmed by opinion polling released by Small Business Majority.

“Our nation’s most prolific job creators are asking that smart steps are taken to preserve Colorado’s natural assets because they believe it’s good for business,” said John Arensmeyer, founder & CEO of Small Business Majority. “It’s evident public lands play an important role in entrepreneurs’ decisions to open businesses in Colorado. And they’ve seen firsthand that protecting those areas can attract business, which is why they’d like to see national monuments established to preserve them, and it’s why they are asking lawmakers to balance public lands protection as they develop new energy policies.”

Small businesses are an important economic engine in this country and our public lands are a critical component. They both deserve our attention and support!

doing a little business myself...


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