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  1. Samuel Snyder says:

    Well said, Tom. Thanks for sharing. This report has great weight and implications for much of the work many of us are doing right now, thanks for breaking it down.
    Hope all is well on your end

  2. Tom Sadler says:

    Sam, Thanks! You are right.The economic and jobs information is a critical component to conservation advocacy right now and the more information we have and the wider it gets disseminated the better. Feel free to take what is useful or check in with me on updates etc.

  3. Samuel Snyder says:

    Thanks Tom. Thinking of these numbers, though, inspired a new post on Headwaters of History. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts. Still trying to sort it out to some degree, but it is up for conversation sake as a start.

  4. Tom Sadler says:

    Sam, I will give a look and leave a comment.

  5. AZWanderings says:

    I’m a little late on this post, but found it very interesting. Those numbers really are staggering when you sit down and look at them. I appreciate you posting this as well as giving D.C. the scoop.


  6. Thanks Ben! I will be posting another economic piece on Monday.


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