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Losing a friend

This is one of those times when words are never enough. For more then twenty years I have had a lab as a side kick. That came to an end yesterday when we lost the last one, Ashby, to cancer.

Each of them were memorable. Clarendon and Berkeley, yellow litter mates were first. We lost Clarendon to Lyme disease when she was three. We lost Berkeley to old age, she was sixteen, three years ago.

Ashby was special if only because she was always the puppy of the bunch. Though we shared semi retirement and aging together she had the puppy charm to the end.

Now there are only empty spaces and wonderful memories.


Happy trails old girl, you will live forever in our hearts…


  1. Kevin Kelleher says:

    Sorry to hear of your losing Ashby. Maya is only 6 and you can see how attached we are I’m sure. Great dogs are irreplaceable. They are cheaper than psychiatrists and do more for you; they like you better than you like yourself. They are ready to go when you are and never care what you have on. Always loyal, always brave, always ready to listen. Great dogs are still recalled, long after we’ve forgotten classmates and girlfriends. Never deny yourself the companionship of a dog for long.

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