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National Fish Habitat Awards

Ryan Roberts, NFHAP Communications Coordinator, sent along the information below on the National Fish Habitat Annual Awards Program.

If you know someone who should be nominated contact your local fish habitat partnership. You can find them here: http://fishhabitat.org/

The submission deadline is January 29, 2010. The awards will be presented at the Jim Range National Casting Call on April 22, 2010.


Program Overview

The National Fish Habitat Annual Awards honor exceptional individuals or partner entities who have demonstrated a commitment to fish habitat conservation, science, or education. The awards celebrate those who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication, innovation or excellence in aquatic resource conservation. National Fish Habitat Awardees show how individuals can and do make a difference.

Awards will be made annually on the basis of nominations submitted by Fish Habitat Partnerships and the hundreds of organizations and members that make up the Partners Coalition. From the nominations submitted by Partnerships and Coalition, the National Fish Habitat Board will select several of the most meritorious for these nationally recognized awards. Honorable mentions may be made.


The Awards Program is open to all members of the 14 Board-recognized Fish Habitat Partnerships and members of the Partner Coalition. The planning and writing of the nominations are the responsibility of the Partnership staff and partner/coalition organizations.

Award Categories

For Exceptional Vision in support of Fish Habitat Conservation

(In Memory of Jim Range)

Purpose: to bestow a well deserved honor in the name of fish habitat conservation to someone whose career is a reflection of the enlightened and progressive nature of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan. Awarded to an individual, who sees beyond the limits of one state or region, with a focus on a national need and works accordingly and effectively.2

For Extraordinary Action in support of Fish Habitat Conservation

Purpose: to recognize outstanding conservation action(s) that has/have made a true difference in fish habitat conservation. Awarded to an individual or entity, that has implemented an on-the-ground conservation project that has demonstrated positive results in terms of fish habitat quality and/or quantity.

For Scientific Achievement in support of Fish Habitat Conservation

Purpose: To recognize outstanding achievement in the use of science to improve fish habitat conservation by bringing attention to the need for and benefits of fish habitat management. Awarded to an individual or entity, that has developed and/or implemented science-based tools, assessments, or methodologies that assist in the conservation of aquatic habitat.

For Outreach and Educational Achievement in support of Fish Habitat Conservation

Purpose: to recognize outstanding achievement in promoting and encouraging fish habitat conservation and partnerships through outreach and education. Awarded to an individual or entity, that has developed and/or implemented programs or taken other action to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation for fish habitat.


1. Nominations in each award category should be submitted by Board-recognized Fish Habitat Partnerships or Partner Coalition members.

2. The nomination must contain a precise statement of the proposed Partnership activity/project/person deserving of the award.

3. It must show evidence of imaginative and thoughtful appraisal of the ways in which the individual / entity contributes towards achieving the goals and objectives of the NFHAP.

Preparation of the Nomination

A. Only one copy of the nomination is required. Nominations should be typed.

B. The nomination must contain the following information:

1. The award category for which the group or person(s) is being nominated.

2. The name of nominated group or person.

3. Your relationship with the person or group you are nominating.

4. If nominating a group, the contact person who represents the group.

5. A brief narrative or abstract of no more than 200 words clearly summarizing the reasons for nominating the individual /group.

You may also provide no more than four pages of supporting information that describes the actions of the nominee that merit the proposed award, and how it is related to the goals and objectives of the NFHAP, or any other information that would assist the judges in determining the merits of this nomination (Please attached these pages to your nomination form).

You should also provide your contact information as the nominator.

C. Nomination forms and supporting material should not exceed five pages.

Submission of the Nomination

Mail or fax one copy of the nomination, postmarked or faxed not later than midnight Friday January 29, 2010 to: Ryan Roberts 444 N. Capital Street, NW (Suite 725) Washington DC, 20001 rroberts@fishwildlife.org Fax: 202-624-7891 Phone: 202-624-5851


E-mail Ryan Roberts, NFHAP Communications Coordinator at rroberts@fishwildlife.org no later than midnight Friday January 29, 2010 and attach the file containing the nomination to the E-mail. The file must be created in Microsoft Word©. In the subject line of the e-mail, please type: NFHAP Nomination.

Judging and Announcement of Awards

The nominations will be judged by the National Fish Habitat Board and awards will be presented at the Jim Range National Casting Call event in Washington DC April 22, 2010. Nominations should be prepared with this in mind and should be written for periods not longer than one calendar year. Please refer all further questions via e-mail to Communications Coordinator, Ryan Roberts at rroberts@fishwildlife.org

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