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Old dogs

The comfort of an old friend.

who sez i snore???

Her name is Ashby. 14 years old. Spends most of her day not more than a few feet from wherever I am.

My clients indulge both us when she snores during conference calls and I forget to mute the phone or drop everything for a run to the vet because a 14 year old with a cancer history takes precedence.

As much as I wish we could spend more days wading up some blue line looking for fishing holes, her snores are just fine with me these days.


  1. That just warms my heart ~ Ashby looks content and happy and I hear you about having the four legged friend sitting by you at home while you’re working. My golden is never, ever far from me. Thank you for sharing her with us,

  2. It’s funny how important our dogs are too us. The companionship gets stronger over the years and even though they can’t do all that they used to, they still give so much satisfaction to the human half of the relationship. Gotta love those pups!
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