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Playing 20 Questions on Eat More Brook Trout

If you spend any time reading this blog then you know Chris Hunt is one of my best friends and favorite people. Our passions and points of view run along nearly identical lines.

Chris gave me the 20 question treatment yesterday on his blog, Eat More Brook Trout. His introduction was overly kind and he certainly got it right when he wrote:

in our hearts, we’re after the same thing–the protection of the places that matter, and not just to us, but to the future of our hunting and fishing heritage. The thought of our kids or our grandkids growing up without knowing what the natural world has to offer is dead-on frightening.

often present when Hunt and Sadler are together...

The questions were both thought provoking and entertaining. Much like every conversation I have with Chris, ‘cept maybe in that “interesting little establishment on Bourbon Street.”

Read my answers to the 20 questions here.

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