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Road trip to Mich.

Shot a couple of images while i was waiting for the rain to stop.

I was in Michigan to teach fly fishing to some MSU grad students and their friends.

Had hope to fish the day before but it looked pretty wet out that morning.

This is where i spent the morning waiting to go fish.

The Super 8 in Houghton Lake, Mich.

Waiting out the raain

Waiting out the rain

That actually was probably just as well since i had a column due and it was little more than a rough draft at that point…

When the rain broke around noon i headed up to Grayling and over to Lovells.

Had time for a late lunch and a beer since the rain had started up again.

Gotta love a bar with “Welcome Fly Fisherman” banner

aka "the bar"

Lovells Riverside Tavern aka "the bar"

Seems my kind are welcome at the corner grocery too….

Caid's Corner Grocery

Caid's Corner Grocery

Finally made camp here for the next couple of days.

lookin out on Big Creek

lookin out on Big Creek

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