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Rx for Vegas

“Ooh, Las Vegas ain’t no place for a poor boy like me. Every time I hit your crystal city, you know you gonna make a wreck out of me.” – Gram Parsons

When I got the first text from Delta telling me that my flight home from Vegas Thursday was delayed I just knew my travel plans had started to circle the drain. I changed my flights to try and make it home, but a mechanical issue on the flight did me in. I will give Delta customer service credit they could’t have been nicer and more helpful, thanks to Kim Bailey on the phone and Georgie at the LAS check-in counter.

I was in Vegas for the AFFTA board meeting and the ICAST/IFTD trade shows. Three days of smoky hotel bars and scant periods of being outside had me more than ready for a return to the Shenandoah Valley.

Over the years I have learned to roll with travel snafus. So when I texted my buddy Chris Hunt telling him I was stuck in Vegas, his reply was “Glad your back. We’ll make the best of a bad situation ;-)”

And indeed we did!

Alchemy indeed!

Alchemy indeed!

After a quick trip back to the Convention Center to get in one more round of post show parties, I wound up eating in Chef Rick Moonen’s new restaurant Rx Boiler Room, with Hunt and Scott Hed of Sportsmen’s Alliance for Alaska fame. Rx rightly claims to be the “alchemy of food and drink.”

Hunt and the Rx ladies

Hunt and Rx ladies

The food was exceptional! I enjoyed a lobster roll that would be proudly served in Newport (he knows his rolls) matched by outstanding service. Thanks Cecila!

The drinks are as special as the menu, so don’t settle for any of your standard cocktails, enjoy what the bar wizards concoct!

The decor and outfits were  created by Moonen’s talented wife Roni. Billed as Steampunk, it had this glorious pirate den feel to me.

Hed knows Moonen from their work together on the Save Bristol Bay campaign and Savor Bristol Bay. Moonen is a sustainable seafood advocate who practices what he preaches and puts his money where your mouth is.

Eating at Rx gave us a chance to say thanks to Chef Moonen for his support for protecting Bristol Bay and for being such an excellent voice for sustainable seafood.

Thanks Chef, it was a great meal!

Thanks Chef, it was a great meal!


  1. Well, considering how travel interruptions suck in general…this one turned out alright. Glad I could be part of a great dinner, and that you enjoyed my recommendation to hit Chef Moonen’s new restaurant. See you down the line, likely next in Lake Placid.

  2. You saved the day bro! LP13 is going to be a blast.

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