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Things that work – Montana Fly Co. Scissor Forceps

Ok so I have thing for hemostats. Not just any hemostats, fine point, curved, mosquito hemostats. Best tool for fishing I could imagine. They look like these (resting on top of the River Camo Montana Fly Co. Aluminum Fly Box)…

the hemos in question

They are so important I carry a spare pair when I fish. Nothing could replace them. Or so I thought….
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The random number generator over on Outdoor Blogger Network had done me a solid and the folks at Montana Fly Company sent a sweet package of goods.

The MFC folks sent three spools of  thread, a ceramic bobbin, a hair stacker, scissor forceps and an aluminum fly box all decked out in various forms of river camo. Now the thing is I need to do a gear review on the fly tying tools. Problem is I haven’t had time to tie a fly. But I did get a chance to fish! Back to the hemostats. Check out these little beauties!

MFC scissor forceps

They are pretty sexy in the trout camo and all, but the fact is the damn things are really useful! They are handy for tying the fly to the tippet, creating a cinch knot loop for droppers and holding the fly while tread it on to the tippet. The big finger loops are a god send especially when it is cold and rainy. See the little screwdriver tip one on of the loops? Yup, works great on beer caps should the need arise! And the scissors are perfect for a little stream side landscaping to retrieve flies from the occasional errant cast…

contemplating an errant cast...

So the trusty old mosquito hemostats get relegated to back up and these MFC Scissor Forceps move front and center!

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Disclosure: I received the tools from Montana Fly Co. free of charge to test and review because, as noted above, my number came up. Other then the stuff they sent me there was no compensation.

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