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Swisher is new president of AFFTA

Randi Swisher has been promoted to the President’s position effective March 1.

“Since Randi came on board January 1, we’ve been very impressed with his work habits, ethics and communication ability.  We are confident that Randi will meet the new responsibilities which accompany the President’s position with the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism that he has exhibited since coming to work for AFFTA,” said Alan Gnann, AFFTA’s Chairman

“For the past two months, I received on-the-job training from AFFTA Office Manager Mischa Jones and former President, and now part-time Business Manager Gary Berlin,” said Swisher.  “Although I still have a lot to learn, I feel comfortable in my new role and I look forward to serving as the President of AFFTA for many years to come.”

Randi Swisher can be contacted at his home office at 303 690-6504 or by e-mail at randi@affta.com.

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