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Tenkara on the Madison River

Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon Flies shows off his die-hard chops!
Craig is responsible for my current tenkara addition. And while I love my tenkara fishing as much as the next guy, this is true dedication.

You will get to see more of Craig’s fishing escapades. He noted in a recent blog post:

I just received word our 13 part series on The World Fishing Network comes out this Sept. The first show will be Yvon Chouinard and I on Spring Creek. The show run 52 weeks, 6 times per week., with 13 different fishing venues I will keep you posted with information on other shows, where and when and more so stay tuned!

Will keep you posted.

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A review of Tenkara: Radically Simple, Ultralight Fly Fishing

Tenkara anglers or anyone wishing to learn more about tenkara fishing will be hard pressed to find a more enlightening book then Tenkara: Radically Simple, Ultralight Fly Fishing, (affiliate link) by Kevin C. Kelleher, MD with Misako Ishimura.

From the start Dr. Kelleher grabbed my attention. In his introduction he writes of his struggles with western-style fly-fishing. Tangled lines, over loaded vests, the time needed to rig up, all conspiring to make fishing less enjoyable.

He contemplates enforcing a self-imposed rule, “…that I will quit anything that gives me a headache or makes me cuss.” It was those frustrations that lead him to tenkara.

Boy, can I relate to that.
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Innovation for conservation

When I saw a innovative use for old fly line from the folks at Fly Vines I was more than curious, I placed an order.

Conservation as a business model is always a winner in my book. Fly Vines is a great example.

My order arrived earlier this week.

Fly Vines lanyards and bracelets

The lanyards are well constructed and use a simple snap ring as a safety release.
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Simple things make sense

I am always on the look out for new ideas that go the simple route. That is why tenkara fishing is so appealing. So when I came across Fly Vines this weekend I was blown away.

These folks are making lanyards from recycled fly line! They are also making bracelets and sunglass keepers.

What an outstanding idea! Conservation as a business model is always a winner in my book.

It certainly fits with my whole tenkara mind set so I immediately ordered a couple of lanyards and bracelets to them check out.

I will post an update with pictures as soon as the goods arrive.

Tenkara tea!

Yesterday the mail gal brought a special treat to the Middle River Group HQ, tenkara tea!

Retweeting one of @tenkarausa‘s tweets entered me in a contest to receive some new Tenkara USA Tea.

And luck smiled on me!

bourbon isn't the only thing that tastes better in a tin cup...

The tea comes in a handy tin with a measuring spoon and bamboo whisk. The rod is sold separately. The recommended cup is ceramic but I like a tin cup stream side.


Tenkara fans stay tuned!

Looks like those of you who want to learn more about tenkara fishing are going to get a treat. My good friend Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon Flies has been hinting in his newsletter about a tenkara adventure:

I will fish today. After a week of brutal cold windy conditions it looks like the weather might be favorable to spend a few hours on the river this afternoon. Tomorrow Phil and I will be fishing and filming using Tenkara rods. My good friend, Yvon Choiunard, called last week and asked for some Tenkara footage for the Patagonia website but due to the nasty weather we’ve not been able to get out. The forecast looks favorable so make sure you check out our blog for the fishing reports we will file on our next two afternoons of midge fishing on the river.

I have been waiting to see if Craig and Phil get their tenkara on. It looks like they did and we are in for a treat!
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