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Take this job and…..

Rich Galen writes today in his Mullings column about the questionnaire the Obama Transition Project is using to vet candidates for cabinet and other top level positions.  I think he nails it when he writes,

“The problem with all of this intrusion is it will cause otherwise highly-qualified people to throw their hands up in frustration, disgust or both and say, “You know what? I have not been in a monastery since puberty and I don’t want some 23-year-old volunteer reading – and probably sharing with her new colleagues in the back bar at the Old Ebbit – my deepest and darkest secrets. I’ll just stay here at the law firm in Nashville” or wherever.”

Just as an example, one question asks about cohabitants for the last ten years. Yikes! Good luck with that one. Oh my good gracious, i can’t imagine “what fresh hell” would be visited upon me if i had to answer that one. (oops i better send paper towels to my friends, i bet they just spit coffee all over their computers.)
Don’t get me wrong, I am all for doing everything that can be done to keep corruption out of government. But i don’t think this will do it. And the possibility that information could wind up on the street is to ugly to imagine.
I wish the new administration well. In fact i will even say i trust them to keep this information confidential.
But the next stop is on the magical mystery tour is Senate confirmation.
Two words: Sieve City.
PS to the Transition folks this would be in response to your questions #10 and 13. (as if i would be on anyone list of candidates….)

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