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Tenkara Fishing out West: $3 bridge, Yellowstone NP and Flat Creek

After the tenkara summit in West Yellowstone, MRS and I took off for Wyoming and some tenkara fishing in the Jackson Hole area.

Before we left West we made a trip to the Madison River and some fishing at $3 Bridge.

tenkara in the shadow of $3 bridge

Five years ago Beth and I go married at this spot and we were excited to be back.

we stood right here 5 years ago

We worked our way down through Yellowstone National Park, fishing as we went. Ok I fished, Beth took pictures…

Trying it out on the Yellowstone

MRS goes artsy on me

We wound up in Hoback, WY. for a couple of nights with the Rivers of Recovery crew. BTW: If you don’t know about RoR then click here and check it out.

Be sure to watch the two videos, start with the one on the right. If you are unmoved by them, check your pulse.

We made a foray to the headwaters of Flat Creek. It was a spectacular 4×4 drive into the backcountry.

Flat Creek headwaters

Getting set up

a pretty Flat Creek pool

Mr. Cutthroat checks in

the tug is the drug...


The chance to visit the headwaters of Flat Creek and to do it in the company of good friends made the trip special.

That they have served our country with honor and distinction makes me proud to be in their company.

headed to beer 30

As they say the road goes on forever and the party never ends.

Stay tuned for more pictures in episode two. Coming soon.


  1. Nice pictures Tom! That’s so great you got married at $3 bridge!

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