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The Tenkara Roundup Volume 1, Issue 1

Given how quickly Tenkara is rising in popularity I thought it was time to rework the Tenkara section of Dispatches, so I have created a stand alone Tenkara blog page.

For the moment it is called The Tenkara Guide blog, a play on the fact that I am a Tenkara Guide and that it will be used as a “guide” to the ever expanding Tenkara community.  It will offer commentary and information both about Tenkara style fly-fishing.

Teton Tenkara Reviews Tenkara Lines

If you are interest in how various furled leaders perform then take a look at A tail of three (furled) lines…., Teton Tenkara’s review of the Tenkara USA 3rd Generation Traditional line, the Cutthroat Leaders Tenkara line, and Streamside Hand Crafted Furled Leaders Tenkara. Tom’s review is an in depth look at these lines and how each performs on the water. You can see his field test on the Black Canyon section Bear River.

I am in process of testing some lines as well. More on that in future additions.

Tenkara Bum Reviews Diawa Tenkara Rods

My friend Chris Stewart, aka Tenkara Bum, has a new favorite rod. Read about it in his review of Daiwa Tenkara Rods. His extensive review of the SF goes in to the details of his affection for these rods. Chris has decided to start importing them in the US. Be prepared for a little sticker shock. These are, as Chris notes, “these are truly premium rods, and they carry a premium price.”

Tenkara Talk Reviews Fountainhead’s Stone Fly Rods

Jason Klass had a chance to put Fountainhead’s rods to the test and offers his assessment in Fountainhead Stone Fly Tenkara Rods. Fountainhead rods are at the opposite end of the price spectrum from the Diawa rods. Jason’s reaction, “What you will find is a stripped down fishing tool that is more concerned about working than looking pretty.” He also notes they cast pretty well.

So there you have it, a look at some lines and rods. These guys have done their homework and offer up important info that you can use. Be sure to drop a comment on their blogs and tell them thanks for doing the research so we can all learn more.

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