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Tenkara Resources

Links to more information about tenkara:

Read Whisper Fishing by Donovan Webster in the August/September 2011 edition of Garden & Gun.

See Michael JN Bowles photos in Fly Fishing Without a Reel in the August/September 2011 edition of Garden & Gun.

For outstanding, on-going updates and great information book mark Jason Klass’s Tenkara Talk.

Tenkara: Radically Simple, Ultralight Fly Fishingby Kevin C. Kelleher, MD with Misako Ishimura is a terrific resource on tenkara. You can read more from Doc Kelleher  on his blog, Tenkara TippetsRead Mark Taylor’s interviews of Dr. Kellerher in “Tenkara, Japanese fly-fishing, is gaining popularity [with video]

Tenkara USA’s Catalog/Booklet is a wealth of information. More than just a product showcase, this highly informative on-line guide, contains stories, how-tos, and wonderful photos.

Joel Dejong posted a very well done 4 part series on tenkara techniques in his blog A Year on the Fly, click here. It is especially good for those who are new to tenkara and fly fishing.

Ryan Jordan’s post, Big River Fly Fishing: Why Tenkara Beats Western Methods (click here to read) is excellent and lays waste to some of the common tenkara myths.

Chris Hunt has a great post on Field and Stream’s Fly Talk about catching a LUNKER lake trout on a tenkara rod. You can click here to read it.

Why a Tenkara May Be The Best Set-up For Teaching a Young Angler, by Kirk Deeter.

The Tenkara USA’s website, has a wealth of information. There you can find information on the origins and history of tenkara, video’s and diagrams of casting techniques.

Video interview I did with Ned Desmond on GoFishn.com

Ned Desmond’s piece, Tenkara Fishing on the Rapidan on GoFishn.com

Rich Bach’s photo essay, from Fish America on OutdoorLife.com

My column, Exploring the Simplicity of Tenkara, in the News Virginian (Waynesboro)

Chris Hunt’s blog post, Tenkara: Testing the Henry’s Fork

Chris Hunt’s delightful story Tenkara Confidence.

The New York Times article, A Japanese Form of Fly Fishing Gains Fans in the U.S., featuring Misako Ishimura, Daniel Galhardo and Chris Stewart.

Tenkara Fishing is angling at its simplest, by Ed Engle about fishing tenkara with John Geieach and Daniel Galhardo.

Cameron Mortenson of The Fiberglass Manifesto reviews the TenkaraUSA Ayu rod.

Cameron Mortenson interviews Tenkara USA’s Daniel Galhardo.

Chris Stewart, aka Tenkara Bum blog.

Zach Matthews’ Turning Japanese, in the Nov/Dec 2009 issue of American Angler (quotes Daniel Galhardo and Cameron Mortenson).

Tenkara – it’s unreel!!!