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Tenkara Rod Caps Are EZ To Lose

Tenkara anglers know that the most likely thing to lose when you go fishing is the end cap on your tenkara rod. The end cap protects the rod when it is housed and keeps things from falling out or getting in.

Dang handy little item.

But there in lies the challenge. Little. Like easily misplaced little.

So having spent some time thinking about ways to keep the little rascal from disappearing I came up with this idea.

Since I have a lot of old fly line lying around I decided it could be put to good use.

I grabbed my power drill and a 1/32 drill bit and made a slight modification to the end caps of my collection of Tenkara USA rods. Then I slipped a short length of old fly line through the hole and tied a figure-eight knot at the end.

Here is how it turned out.

Tenkara USA end cap MK 1 Mod 1

Since I wear a Fly Vines lanyard, I will just stash it there. If I drop it, the bright green line will be much easier to find as well.

Hopefully this will keep the rod caps from wandering off…


  1. Chris "Kiwi" Kuhlow says:

    An excellent idea!  I don’t know why tenkara rod makers don’t do that already.

  2. I agree with Kiwi, very nice idea. I have lost an end cap that surely would not have been lost if it’d had a loop and I’d had a lanyard. The only downside I can see would be limited to guys who trek through the brush with a rod on the side of their backpack. The loop might catch on a bush and pull out the cap, or worse, the rod, without them noticing it (unlikely, but I’ve had a rod catch a branch and get pulled out of a pack before).

  3. Chris, Good point! Any thing dangling out there where a branch or some such can grab it is a potential problem. One way that might work would be to slip the rod back in the rod sack.

  4. That’s one of those slap your forehead and why didn’t I think of it things!! So simple yet so helpful!

  5. Steve Davidson says:

    A simply great idea!

  6. Tom Sadler says:

    Thanks Steve!

  7. Tom Sadler says:

    Thanks Zach!

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