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Virginia’s rivers are an economic engine.

One of my favorite statesman, former U.S. Senator John Warner of Virginia, penned a great editorial, Protect Virginia’s rivers, about how important Virginia’s rivers are to our culture, health and economy.

Senator Warner wrote about the value of our rivers as blue ways or water trails:

“A water trail or blueway is a dedicated stretch of river that enjoys special clean-water safeguards and is a destination for fishing, boating and other recreation. Water trails also benefit our economy, bringing valuable tourist dollars to local businesses and providing recreation-related jobs for Virginians.”

Virginia’s rivers are a gift in many ways. Hopefully when the America’s Great Outdoors report is released tomorrow it will include, as Senator Warner hopes, strong support for rivers and water across the county.

By making rivers the centerpiece of America’s Great Outdoors, the administration will ensure the rivers of our states will flow with beauty and vitality, enriching lives for generations to come.

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