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When Art Imitates Life

Trust me you are gonna want to click on this one > Lefty says Tenkara is a fad.

A tip of the Stormy Kromer to Roderick Hawg Brown for getting the straight scoop and putting the Lefty “tenkantraversy” to rest!



  1. Roderick Hawg-Brown says:

    I suppose you want me to thank you for the mention. What, do you want a ribbon or some sort of feel-good pat on the back. Ain’t gonna happen. Showing emotion is a sign of weakness.

  2. RHB, No thanks necessary, but if you have a sticker of your august troutness I would be happy to put it an appropriate place so others can know of your awesomeness… Same goes for Lefty Crawfish.

  3. grousegrove says:

    Amazing chat on those links about the “tenkantraversy”… and so ironic! To me it’s a grand exposition of an anthropological habit.  People insist on cannonizing their own supposed virtues — in the outdoor sports as much as in anything.  Whether it’s fishing… or a type of fish… or veganism… or fly rods… or “flippin”…  or bows vs. rifles  or crossbows vs. compounds or longbows vs. compounds… or bamboo vs. graphite vs. fiberglass… or tenkara… or catch and release…  or catch and fillet… or whatever), I constantly encounter folks who think and say that everyone who does it differently is enlightened, some kind of fool, or worse – and the feeling is usually mutual!  I had thought of Lefty as a kind of practical guy and he is — but here he’s doing it too.  And ironic on a fishing blog how quickly the varied disciples took the bait.  This is probably why I usually like to fish alone and far away from others, where it’s quiet and I don’t need to feel inadequate for my lack of success or my technique or my gear or whatever.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly a knuckle dragging troglodyte .  😛
    Thanks for the site, and for the post!

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