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Wise Ass Fish

If you have not had the pleasure of reading the snark-fest that is Roderick Hawg-Brown than stop reading and click RH-B. I’ll wait.

Nice guy huh?

Well, I enjoy his humor, ill or otherwise and when the chance came to order a sticker to jazz up the beloved Subaru I couldn’t resist.

Of course RH-B never misses an chance to belittle us anglers so he included a little advice…

Wise ass. Wait till he meets up with Chris Hunt and his Lake Trout tenkara prowess. Bet he won’t be so quick to tell the tenkara boys what to do…


  1. Upacreek333 says:

    Indeed… the Hawg Brown would have been swallowed by that big Canadian char, eh. Caught on a little Japanese noodle, no less…

  2. Sanders says:

     Yep…old Roderick is pretty full of himself.

  3. Roderick Hawg-Brown says:

    Blah, blah, blah. You foolish men without your reels.

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