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Are “we” broke?

I have been part of a conversation with some folks over on the Outdoor Blogger Network‘s forum about conservation funding.

We are talking about what “we” can afford and who is paying their fair share. So when I read E. J. Dionne’s  What if we’re not broke? this morning it got my attention. It offers an intriguing look at the “we’re broke” matra and what is behind it.

Some of us are going broke, or at least headed that way. It sort of depends on who “we” are however. There are some folks doing very well and some options off that table that perhaps should not be.

Worth the read.

And don’t be surprised if it becomes grist for the discussion over on OBN…



  1. Democrats never thing we’re broke…..as long as there’s other people’s money to be used.

  2. Tom Sadler says:

    C’mon Owl… Neither political party has a lock on fiscal virtue…

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