Middle River Dispatches is a gumbo of posts about fly-fishing, conservation, politics and days afield.


To comply with FTC regulations (at least a good faith effort) this page contains disclosures about my writing on this blog. If you think, I might be biased and getting compensated for my views, this is the place to check.

Outdoor Writers Association of America

I was the executive director of OWAA from April 2012 until Dec 2016, if I share information, mention OWAA or write something on their behalf, you should consider that paid work.

There is no actual or implied endorsement of personal work products by the OWAA.

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

I guide and teach for Mossy Creek Fly Fishing, I get paid for that. I promote the business and relation with great pleasure.

Consulting Clients

If I wrote about something for a client, I disclosed it.

News Virginian

I wrote an outdoor column for the News Virginian (Waynesboro). I got paid to do that. Each column is tagged.


I sit or have sat on numerous boards. You can see which ones in the Who is Tom Sadler section. I was never compensated for my time, although, in the case of RBFF, I was reimbursed for travel. If I write about any of them or the wonderful work they do it is because I genuinely feel it is important stuff to share. If they pay me to write something, I will let you know.

Professional Discounts

You can assume I have a pro-deal with pretty much every fly-fishing company whose products I use. That is not really the case, but the exceptions are not worth listing. If I mention their name, assume I have a pro-deal, took advantage of it and use their stuff because I like it. If they send me free stuff, I will let you know.


Chances are if I get stuff to review I am going to keep it if it works well and write positive things about it. If it is so-so or sucks, I will probably not bother to write about it at all. If I do write about it, I will try to be diplomatic but you will likely be able to tell it sucks. You shouldn’t expect me to pay to send it back either.

Affiliate Marketing

If there is an ad on this blog, it is because I want you to buy something so I can get paid a commission.  I’ll use in-post disclosures if I can.  I won’t market stuff I don’t use or have faith in.

Current Affiliate Relationships:

Studio Press

Unicorns and Privacy

The first rule to remember is privacy on the internet are like unicorns. If you are on the internet, you should have no expectation of privacy, NONE! If you expect otherwise, you shouldn’t be on the internet. If you are expecting unicorns, you have about the same chance of finding privacy on the internet.

I will not sell your name or scam you if you contact me. If you post stuff on my blog I may or may not let it stay up. My blog, my rules.

If you want me to take something down that you posted let me know. But there is no way I am going to promise you that no one else will find it. If you think that, then you are not paying attention to how things work.