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If you have no idea who Martin “Donny” Donovan is I won’t be surprised. I had know idea who he was either.

Donovan has written a book called KEEPER. And unless you have Departure Publishing or Tosh Brown in you Facebook universe you may not have heard of KEEPER either.

Well as it happens Brown is a friend on Facebook. He posted  a status update the other day:”Watch the Departure Publishing page at 10:30AM and snag a free copy of our new book release, KEEPER, by Martin Donovan.”

So I checked it out and the the contest question was: “Only one golfer from ENGLAND has ever won the Masters. What is his name? What year(s) did he win and what were his scores? (enter the +/- stroke totals for the entire tourney, not the daily rounds).”

Any guesses? No? Really?

FInd out how this turns out after the jump>

If you want to know, then go to the Departure Facebook page and discover the depth of my golf knowledge – depth of knowledge deep enough to win me a copy of KEEPER!

KEEPER is currently at the press shop so it may be late May or June before my copy gets here.

But according to the Departure website it sounds like a great read!

He writes about prominent London attorneys, cantankerous skinheads, redneck clock peddlers, and booze-swilling farmers. While fly-fishing for trout and salmon are Donovan’s beloved diversions, he also has an eclectic fixation with derelict motorbikes, chainsaw carpentry, hitchhiking, canned beer, and curry houses.

Sounds like my type of guy!!!

Now golf is just a pastime for me, fly-fish is a passion. But if it saves me money and gets me a good read then all the better.

And if I want to improve my game I can always take golf lessons from Deeter…

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