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The Tenkara Roundup Volume 1, Issue 2

Wow, there is a lot going on in the Tenkara world…

Pretty much every day I find some intresting tenkara news as I peruse the interwebs. The more the better as far as I am concerned. What has been especially rewarding for me this year is the increasing interest in tenkara.

I not talking about the silly stuff about fads, cults or the haters on the forums. That stuff doesn’t advance knowledge, it’s mostly noise. Most of those folks never use a tenkara rod before they spout off. Of course that noise does help with name recognition and SEO.  Like my grand pappy, with his sharp political mind, used to say about name recognition, “I don’t care what they say about me as long as the spell my name correctly.”

There is clearly an increase in curiosity and desire to learn more about the tenkara technique. So far this month I have given tenkara presentations to the  Massanutten, Rapidan, and Potomac/Patuxanat chapters of Trout Unlimited, done a tenkara demostatation at the National Capitol Chapter of Trout Unlimted and have a four day and a couple of 1/2 day tenkara guiding gigs lined up.

And if the number of articles about tenkara is any indication than more people are giving tenkara a serious look. Give these articles a look.

Tenkara Fishing Video

My good friend Chris Hunt of Eat More Brook Trout put together a terrific video: Tenkara Winter.

Tenkara and Marriage

A great post with wonderful photos on Bug Chuckers about the many advantages of tenkara: Tenkara

What Tenkara and “Fixies” have in common

Yours truly gets a quoted in this excellent article in Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine: Tenkara fly fishing is gaining momentum in the United States.

Keeping the Tenkara Rod Clean and Dry

Here is a handy tip from Teton Tenkara: What I learned from band.

Diawa Tenkara Rod Review

The new Daiawa rod gets a test on Casting Around: Tenkara Rod Review: Daiwa LL36SF.

Tenkara USA Ito Rod Review

The Ito gets the Teton Tenkara field test: Tenkara USA Ito review.

New Tenkara Fly Box

Tenkara USA has a new fly box: Bamboo Tenkara Fly Box.

Handcrafted Tenkara Rod Plugs

Kiwi over at The North River works his magic again: Tenkara Rod Plugs.

Tenkara Level Line Comparisons

Tenkara Talk compares somes level lines from Tenkara USA and Tenkara Bum: New Tenkara USA Yellow Level Line.




  1. Tenkara? What’s a Tenkara?   🙂

  2. Chris "Kiwi" Kuhlow says:

    Great post Tom!  Although I spend a fair amount of time perusing the web looking to see what’s going on in the world of tenkara it’s nice to have summary of recent activity to see if anything slipped through the cracks.  I think a regular feature (maybe weekly or monthly) like this would make a great addition to any tenkara centered blog .  It would help the “veterans” and “newbies” alike. And thanks for the “shout out” with my blog.

  3. Jason McGarvey says:

    I let my neighbor cast my tenkara rod a few times in the driveway recently, and the next day he ordered his own. Plus, his teenage son digs it, too. I have never seen someone make such nice casts so quickly. Tenkara is the real deal.

  4. …but I HAVE a pretty good fly reel!

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