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Another Reason Clean Water is Important

Most of the time when you hear “Superfund site” you think “well that can’t be good.” And you are likely to be right.

So when the work done by EPA to clean up a Superfund site results in stories like this one: Eagle River west of Vail back to being a fun place for fishing, it grabs your attention.

Ravaged by toxins spilling from the abandoned Eagle Mine near its headwaters, the Eagle River went sour in the early 1990s before the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund program helped it return to life over the course of a 10-year cleanup.

If the fishing downstream from the mine this week serves as any indicator, the resilient river has mounted quite a comeback.

Just another example of that simple equation: healthy habitat equals opportunity that creates economic activity.

Think Congress will get the message? Yeah that’s what I thought.

But hope, like the Eagle River, springs eternal.


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