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home in the valley

After 2 days in DC and what turned into a very big bummer with one of my closest friends in the hospital needing major surgery i fled like a coward for the comfort of home and hearth in the valley.

This morning I need to cleanse my palate, mind and soul. Time to reflect on what was fun during this trip.

Hearing “one night in bangkok” again. thanks to @michaelturk for that one. took me back to some truly fine memories.

Reading a tweet by @SGPolitics calling Franken a “tool”. Had not heard anyone called a tool for so long almost spit coffee on the screen. That used to be one of my favorites pejoratives. Going back in the lexicon. 2day.

Just those 2 tweets made being on twitter worth it.

As ever and always my buffalo friend @curlybill, you are my eyes and ears of the native prairie and no better wisdom and great comfort.

Seeing some old friends at the Trust for Public Land’s Federal Affairs office. Very little talk of work lots of getting caught up on people’s lives…of course sharing breakfast with my god-daughter is alway entertaining.

First holiday party of the season.

In between replays of “one night” and calls to my beautiful and talented wife, the ride home last night was better bcuz of @hubspot tv podcasts. if only learning had been this entertaining in college. is hubs on twitter? gotta check with them about that.

The diverse group i follow and learn from on twitter are a comfort and joy. thanks.

but the best thing is home. Getting to see the sun rise hit the middle river each morning is a daily treat. and more so when i return.


  1. Tom –

    Often I am surprised at the very human emotion of comfort from a very inanimate “creature” known as the internet. I too am brushed with a tickle of joy every time I open a social page and see someone having made an effort to connect with me. Twitter has also taught me much, and I have so much to learn.

    I love to travel, but there is really nothing quite like turning the key in the lock and breathing deeply as the front door gives way and you find yourself standing in your own creation: home.

    Thank you

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