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Starting a Blog? Read This!

If you are thinking of joining the growing number of outdoor bloggers you’re in luck!  Read F.A.Q. For the New Outdoor Blogger first, you can thank me later.

Tips, Tricks and Tools of the Trade

Because of some very hard work by some very dedicated people, most notably the charming and talented Outdooress, there is a place to hang out and most importantly learn some tricks of the trade. The Outdoor Blogger Network was created by Rebecca Garlock, the aforementioned Outdooress and Joe Wolf  (Flowing Waters)  as  a web-based portal for people to find the best Outdoor related blogs. OBN is a great place to learn from others, see the extensive range of outdoor bloggers and find join a community of bloggers who share a passion for the outdoors.

Go ahead, start that blog. There are a lot people waiting to cheer you on!

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