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the wisdom of a buffalo

My favorite time to work and write is in the early morning. as the sunrises on the back porch, the coffee brews, and Ashby runs a lap or two along the fence line,  I get to collect my thoughts and plan my day. this morning, a holiday, I caught up on the little bit of work I blew off yesterday then caught up on some correspondence to friends.

One friend is a buffalo. Curly Bill. He lives out in South Dakota with a hero of mine, Dan O’Brien.
Bill has a blog and twitter account. Very modern buffalo.
I caught up on his blog posts this morning. Very glad i did.
Bill’s Thanksgiving post about gratitude is gifted writing. It speaks to those things beyond ourselves we should give thanks for. Wonderful stuff.
I worked back down his posts.
Earlier this week, Bill captured, quite eloquently, a simple concept. Respect.  Remarkable reading.
He knows he is probably preaching to the choir. Maybe I am too.
Respect has waned of late. we need to get it back. In fact we need to pay it forward.
This is how it starts.


  1. Tom –

    Every now and then discouragement and sadness fill my heart. It seems, sometimes as though we are speaking to people who just don’t care. Or worse, no one is hearing us at all. Your words here mean so much. And, I think, when we can come together for the same reasons… we will begin to see a change. Thank you for supporting me. I will do my best to do the same for you.

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