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Tenkara on Ramseys Draft

One of my favorite places to fish with my favorite person to fish with.

Check it out:



  1. Nice video Tom. Looks like the two of you had some fun and got into some fish while you were at it. Not familiar with Ramsey’s Draft, but the water looks like home. Love these small to medium sized streams. Just curious, what was on the end of your line…couldn’t really tell in the video? Dries, wets like a sakasa kebari, nymphs?

  2. Tom Sadler says:

    Thanks! We fished dries all afternoon. #14 Parachute Adams caught the 1st fish and was the most productive. Also used #16 tan caddis emerger late in the afternoon (last fish).

  3. This gets me pumped up seeing your video. I am planning on fishing Ramsey Draft over Memorial Day weekend. Hope the water is still flowing well then, and that I am able to catch some of those gorgeous native brook trout.

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